To dage med skøn udsigt og fine knoglefund

To dage med skøn udsigt og fine knoglefund


In these two first days (Thursday, 12, and Friday, 13, July 2012) in Jameson Land, East Greenland,  were truly espectacular!

We set the camp very close to the 1989 Jenkins team  Plateosaur locality, just about 200 m to the north.

In the first day, the very first tracks (theropod) and bones were collected: some Plateosaurus bones (isolated "left-overs" from the 80s) and a small plesiosaur vertebra from the adjacent Early Jurassic strata were collected yesterday.

Today we got an interesting 207 M.a. Triassic bone bed with a few bones, mostly not complete. Is still unclear if they belong to one single species or to several individuals. Seem to be ofrom a large shielded carnivore reptile taking to consideration the 4,5 cm tooth, and the presence of dermal scutes. The exact classification is unknown, but may be a crocodile-like animal, a phytosaur, or just a bizarre mix of bones.

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Eliza, Jesper og Jan graver fodspor fra rovdinosaurer frem af sten og støv